March 2017
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The Gold & Commodities category is a sub-section of Market Analysis that includes charts and commentary associated with precious & industrial metals such as gold, silver, and copper as well as various hard & soft commodities such as oil, gas, wheat, corn, etc…

FOMC Announcement Pending, NIB Update & Miscellaneous Notes

Just a reminder that the FOMC rate decision is schedule to be released around 2pm EST today. As discussed in the recent video & within the Trading Room, some FOMC announcements, such as this one, have the potential to cause sharp reactions in the financial markets (stocks, bonds, gold, etc..). Any technical breakouts or breakdowns [...]

WEAT Swing Trade Setup & Entry

After the previous swing trade recently hit the final target (T3) for a 10% profit 6 weeks after the entry, followed by the expected correction, that near-term overbought correction appears to have likely run its course. As such, WEAT once again appears to offer an objective long entry here at the 7.00ish support level with [...]

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