May 2016
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The Gold & Commodities category is a sub-section of Market Analysis that includes charts and commentary associated with precious & industrial metals such as gold, silver, and copper as well as various hard & soft commodities such as oil, gas, wheat, corn, etc…

GDX NUGT Short Trading Plan (video)

My reply to an inquiry from a member of the site as to my trading plan on the NUGT (3x Bullish Gold Miners ETF) short trade that I posted taking in trading room yesterday. No need to watch this video if you don't have any position or interest the miners today as other than some [...]

Precious Metals, Miners & US Dollar Outlook (video)

This video begins with a discussion on the both the near & long-term outlook for the US Dollar, where the case is made for a near-term bounce followed by a longer-term decline in the Greenback (which would be near-term bearish & longer-term bullish for precious metals & the miners), followed by an overview of GLD, [...]

Precious Metals, Commodities & US Dollar Outlook (video)

This video makes a case for a trend reversal & near-term rally in the US Dollar along with a near-term bearish case for gold, silver, platinum, copper and other dollar sensitive assets, all of which still appear bullish from a longer-term perspective at this time (longer-term bearish $USD).

USO Attempting to Breakout

Member @dpatel asked for my thoughts on USO (crude oil etf) in the trading room so here is my daily chart along with my thoughts. USO is currently challenging the March 18th reaction high. While on face value, a solid break above that level would be bullish, the negative divergences in place on the 60-minute [...]

Apr 20, 2016 2:20pm|Categories: Gold & Commodities|Tags: , |2 Comments

SOYB Final Price Target Hit for an 8% Gain

The SOYB (Soybean ETF) Active Long Trade has hit the final target, T2 at 18.90, for a 7.5% gain & will now be moved to the Completed Trade category. As mentioned in the previous update on SOYB, the longer-term bullish case has continued to build but since I didn't get around a posting additional official [...]

Apr 18, 2016 12:03pm|Categories: Completed Trades - Long, Gold & Commodities|Tags: |0 Comments

Awaiting Next Buy Signal In UNG, Natural Gas

UNG (Natural Gas ETF) is a good example of the benefits of swing trading vs. investing. UNG was recently added as a long swing trade based off the 60-minute time frame with the trade was confirmed by bullish developments on the daily charts of UNG & $NATGAS (natural gas spot price). As the 60-minute chart [...]

Global Equity Markets Overview (video)

An overview of global equity indices concluding with a brief overview of precious metals & commodities, as it appears the most constructive charts are from countries with a large exposure to commodities.

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