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Long-term Trades- Setups

Long-term Trades are trade or investment ideas that have the potential for significant returns over a longer-term period, typically several months or more. This category of trade ideas might be useful for the longer-term swing trader or investor looking for investment ideas to supplement their existing portfolio and prefers a less active, more hands-off approach to investing.

Jul 242015

This video covers GDX (gold miners etf) and some of the largest components of GDX that look to be at or near key long-term support levels with potentially bullish technical developments. As such, although gold & the mining stocks are still in a confirmed downtrend, the stocks covered in the video look to offer objective entries for longer-term traders & investors. With the mining sector yet to show any technical evidence of a bottom, these stocks are not yet official trade ideas at this time. Static charts on some or all of these trade ideas will follow soon and should we start to see some signs of a possible bottom forming in both gold & the mining sector, most or all of these trade ideas will be added as official long-term trades.


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