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Long-term Trades

Long-term Trades are trade or investment ideas that have the potential for significant returns over a longer-term period, typically several months or more. This category of trade ideas might be useful for the longer-term swing trader or investor looking for investment ideas to supplement their existing portfolio and prefers a less active, more hands-off approach to investing.

Sep 182014

Let’s take a look at the charts of gold from a top-down approach, starting with the weekly chart. As mentioned in some of the previous updates on gold, a solid weekly break & close below the long-term uptrend line on the weekly chart of $GOLD (spot gold prices) would likely open the door for a move down to test the mid & late 2013 lows in gold prices. With $GOLD closing slightly below that uptrend line last week and, barring a very sharp rally into the close tomorrow, it looks like $GOLD will print another weekly close below that key support level, hence, I remain open to the possibility of additional downside in gold before any meaningful reversal. I had also previously stated that because so many eyes are on that mid & late 2013 double bottom, that I wouldn’t be surprised to see gold either reverse just shy of that level or to break below that level (either intra-week or for up to a few weeks) in order to shake out the last of the weak hands via a bear trap/flush-out move before a lasting bottom is put in place in the shiny metal. Of course that is making the assumption that the bear market in gold that began in Sept 2011 has run its course and that it was just another cyclical bear market within a much larger secular bull market in gold that has more room to run. Only time will tell if that proves to be the case but one of the factors that keeps me in the longer-term bullish camp on gold at this time (other than fundamentals) is the fact that even if we do take out the mid/late 2013 double bottom lows, gold prices have a very, very long way to fall before negating (i.e.-undoing) the very powerful bullish divergences that would remain in place on both the weekly PPO (similar to the MACD) and the RSI, as well as several other long-term price & momentum indicators and oscillators.

$GOLD weekly Sept 18th

$GOLD weekly Sept 18th


Moving down to the daily time frame on GLD (Gold ETF),  a case can certainly be made that, at the very least, the chances for a short-term bounce in gold are quite elevated at this time. Although this chart only shows 2 1/2 years of price history, if you look back over a decade on a daily chart of GLD you will see that, without fail, every single time the RSI 14 moved below the 30 (oversold) level, Continue reading »

Sep 112014

As a follow-up to the previous post with the $CORN (Spot Corn Prices) weekly chart, below is the 5-minute chart of US Corn Futures as well as the weekly chart of CORN (Corn ETF), highlighting the current volume surge which is indicative of a selling climax.

click here to view the live, streaming chart of US Corn Futures. Once the page to Investing.com opens, from the top of the chart select: Instruments/More Instruments & then “U.S. Corn Futures” under the Commodities section.

Sep 112014

$CORN weekly Sept 11th

In the most recent update on the CORN (Corn ETF) Long-term Trade idea posted last week, it was stated that CORN had broken the 25.60 support level (below the recent consolidation range) which would likely open the door for a move down to the 340 major support level on $CORN (spot corn prices). Since the original post on the CORN trade idea back on July 28th, I had highlighted two likely scenarios for $CORN: either a bounce from around where $CORN was trading at the time OR a continued move down to the 340 level in which not only bring corn prices down to a key long-term support level and that we would also likely have strong bullish divergences in place on the weekly PPO when/if prices got there.

Although the chart of $CORN (spot prices) is an end-0f-day (EOD) chart, not updated until after the market close each day, I’ve been watching US Corn futures today and so far they kissed a low of 335.87 just a few minutes before I started working on this post and have since reversed sharply so far. Of course the day is still young but regardless of any short-term gyrations, we now have corn prices at key long-term support while extremely oversold (the weekly RSI 14  on $CORN was at an extreme level of 23.73 at yesterday’s close). We have the strong bullish divergences forming on the PPO as well as volume patterns on CORN (corn etf) that are indicative of a selling climax (ditto for WEAT, which I will cover under a separate update).

After stopping out the recent Active Long (swing trade) on CORN last week, I am going to add CORN back on as a new Long Trade idea. I also believe this is an objective area for a new entry or add-on to an existing position for the CORN Long-term Trade idea (investment) that was initiated in the July 28th post.

click here to view the live, annotated weekly chart of CORN

Sep 102014

GLD 60 minute Sept 10th

GLD is now within 65 cents of the aforementioned 119.50ish support level while rapidly approaching the apex of this 60 minute bullish falling wedge pattern, complete with positive divergences in place on the RSI & MACD. An upside break above the pattern would likely propel GLD to at least the 122 area, possibly higher.

Sep 082014

Starting with the longer-term picture for gold & the gold mining stocks, I will be waiting to see how $GOLD (spot gold prices) close out the week as $GOLD closed right on the nearly 13 year long-term uptrend on Friday, a key major support level. As with all weekly charts, it is the end-of-week (Friday) close that matters as intra-week spikes below support are not unusual.  As mentioned in the past, should $GOLD make a solid weekly break below this long-term uptrend line, that would open the door for another test of the mid & late 2013 double-bottom lows, the next major support level for gold. A link to the live, annotated weekly chart of $GOLD is available on the Live Charts page and can also be viewed by clicking here.

$GOLD weekly Sept 8th

Moving down to the 4-hour period of GLD that I’ve been covering lately, following last Tuesday’s gap below the symmetrical triangle pattern (bearish), followed up by Thursday’s failure upon backtesting the triangle pattern from below (additional bearish confirmation), prices are likely headed towards the aforementioned 119.50ish support area before any significant reversal. Therefore, my best guess for gold prices in the near-term, Continue reading »

Sep 042014

I was asked my current thoughts on gold, silver & the mining stocks today along with the fact that the Bollinger Bands are tightening and my reply was this:

Not much to add to what I posted on Tuesday which was that the price action in both GLD & SLV that day has near-term bearish implications on both the metals and the miners. I’d like to see how the week finishes out before making any decisions on my positions but with the BB pinching and the Tuesday’s bearish price action in the metals, the possibility for a flush-out move to the downside is certainly elevated at this time. Continue reading »

Sep 032014

Today both CORN & WEAT are trading below their recent consolidation ranges, which was mentioned a both a possibility as well as a potential criterion for those preferring a tight stop on these trades. In the previous (original) post on CORN, it was stated that an entry at that time would be somewhat aggressive as CORN has significant resistance not far overhead at the top of the July 21st gap, which is where the recent pop in CORN reversed when prices failed at that level.

As with the related WEAT ETF trade, today’s break below the recent trading ranges in both ETFs can be used as a tight stop for more active traders or those preferring to keep a tight rein on losses. However, as also stated in the previous post, CORN was also added as a Long-term Trade Idea with a suggested stop some below the 340 area on $CORN (spot corn) prices. As with the previous weekly chart & this updated weekly chart, the two most likely scenarios are drawn with the green arrows that show prices either breaking above the recent consolidation zone (much less likely now) or continuing lower to the S1 support area around 340, which is now the more likely to the two. Note how the MACD line is starting to curl up but has yet to make a bullish crossover, thereby yet to confirm the potential positive divergence that is forming although it does look likely by if/when price fall to the 340 level. Note: The chart of $CORN is an End of Day (EOD) chart of spot corn prices, meaning that the chart is only updated after the close of trading each day. Hence, I will use the daily chart of CORN (ETF) as well as corn futures in determining my entry & exit points.

As CORN is now trading well below the 25.60 tight stop level, it will be considered stopped out from the Active Long Trades category (typical swing trades) but will remain as both an Active Long-term Trade & Long-term Setup until/unless we get a solid weekly close on $CORN below the 340 support level.  As the daily chart of WEAT is very similar to CORN, I will also consider the Active Long Trade on WEAT stopped out on the break of support while leaving WEAT on as an Active Long-term Trade idea for now with stops TBD soon.

Click here to view the live, annotated weekly chart of $CORN (EOD spot corn prices) or click here to view the live, annotated daily chart of CORN (ETF).