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    The “Long-term Trades- Completed” category lists trade ideas from the Long-term Trades category that have hit one or more of their price targets. Many trade ideas will list multiple targets as some traders might choose to hold some or all of the position for an additional target(s) after the initial target is hit. Therefore, many trade ideas on this site will often appear in both the “Active” and “Completed” categories simultaneously. Trades are removed from the Active Trades category either upon hitting the final target or if stopped out before then. Once removed from the Long-term Trades- Active category, these trades and all associated posts will be archived indefinitely in the Long-Term Trades- Completed category for future reference.

    WEAT Trade Update, Pullback To Support

    After hitting T1 & reversing a mere penny shy of T2, WEAT (Wheat ETP) has now pulled back to the former R1 resistance level which is now support. As such, WEAT offers an objective add-on or new long entry with a suggested stop on a daily close below 6.85 (which is 15 cents above the [...]

    CCE First Price Target Hit for 8% Profit

    The CCE (Coca-Cola Enterprises) Swing Trade + Growth & Income Trade has hit the first target (33.68), printing a high of 33.69 so far today & providing a profit of 7.7% (including the dividend of 0.177 paid on Jan 13th to shareholders of record as of Dec 3oth). Previous & updated daily charts:

    WEAT First Price Target Hit for 5% Gain

    The WEAT (Wheat ETF) Active Long Trade gapped up to open at 7.30 today, which is where any standing sell limit orders at T1 (7.25) would have been filled, thereby providing a relatively quick 5.3% gain on the trade. T3 remains the final target at this time with the possibility of adding additional targets if [...]

    WEAT (wheat) & JO (coffee) Updates

    I've had a couple inquires in the trading room for updates on the WEAT Active Trade as well as JO (Coffee ETF), which was mentioned as poised to break out of a bullish falling wedge pattern in the recent 2017 Agricultural Commodities Outlook post. (that wedge was shown on the chart of $COFFEE) WEAT has [...]

    WEAT Trade Setup & Entry

    WEAT (Wheat ETP) offers an objective long entry here on the breakout above this bullish falling wedge pattern. Those preferring to take quick profits could target R1 which is the 7.00 resistance level where a reaction is likely. The current final target is T3 at 7.61 (set slightly below the 7.65-7.70 resistance zone) [...]

    OHAI Final Target Hit for 21% Profit

    The OHAI (Investment Corporation) Long Swing Trade + Growth & Income Trade hit the final target, T2 at 3.33, yesterday for a 20.6% profit. That gain calculation includes the 0.06 dividend that was paid out on Oct 7th to shareholders of record as of Sept 30th, two weeks after the entry was triggered on a [...]

    OHAI First Target Hit for 10% Profit, Dividend Coming

    OHAI (OHA Investement Corp) hit the first price target for a 10.3% gain in just 4 trading sessions following the entry which triggered on Sept 16th & has been consolidating around that level since. T2 at 3.33 remains the final target at this time. Also note this Growth & Income Trade will pay a dividend [...]

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