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Long-Term Trades- Completed

The “Long-term Trades- Completed” category lists trade ideas from the Long-term Trades category that have hit one or more of their price targets. Many trade ideas will list multiple targets as some traders might choose to hold some or all of the position for an additional target(s) after the initial target is hit. Therefore, many trade ideas on this site will often appear in both the “Active” and “Completed” categories simultaneously. Trades are removed from the Active Trades category either upon hitting the final target or if stopped out before then. Once removed from the Long-term Trades- Active category, these trades and all associated posts will be archived indefinitely in the Long-Term Trades- Completed category for future reference.

Jan 122015

CDE (Couer Mining, Inc) is approaching both horizontal (dashed) and downtrend line resistance while overbought on the daily RSI. As such, I am booking full profits here for a 45.5% gain from the original entry just over one month ago. The other factors leading to my decision to book profits early on this trade is the fact that both gold & silver are now approaching major resistance levels; the primary downtrend in gold as well as the 16.05ish former support, now resistance in silver (see GLD & SLV charts below).

The CDE Active Long (swing) trade will now be considered completed while CDE will remain an Active Long-term Trade with the current final target still at 6.55 (T3).  Longer-term traders/investors willing to ride out any pullback should at least consider raising stops to protect profits.

Jan 072015
CDE daily Jan 7th

CDE daily Jan 7th

CDE (Coeur Mining, Inc) has hit the second target, T2 at 5.82, for a 38.6% gain since the original entry less than one month ago (Dec 9th). My previous comments on this trade, including my own personal trading plan, was to make T3 and/or T4 official price targets if gold & silver continued to exhibit bullish price action. So far that is exactly what has happened recently with gold now trading healthily above the 1180 level and both precious metals moving higher recently despite the continue parabolic move higher in the US Dollar... very bullish action IMO although admitted it could prove to be only a short-term disconnect between the usually inverse relationship between the dollar & precious metals.

With the fact that I remain bullish on both the metals & the miners, CDE will remain an Active Long-term Trade with T3 at the current preferred target at this time while I will go ahead and consider the Active Long (i.e-swing) Trade (click on each trade category to read the definition of each) as completed here at T2. Therefore, consider booking partial or full profits and/or raising stops, depending on your trading plan.

click here to view the live, annotated chart of CDE

Jan 052015

In spending time updating the trade ideas to make room for some new trading candidates, the following Long-term Trade Ideas will be moved to the Completed Trades category. These trades may or may not have hit one or more profit targets but all have either exceeded their previously suggested stop criteria, exceeded any reasonable stop (if none suggested) or simply no longer look compelling from a risk-reward perspective. All completed trades, including all related posts & charts associated with each trade, are indefinitely archived in the Completed Trades category (and respective sub-categories) for future reference.

Long-term Trades are trade or investment ideas that have the potential for significant returns over a longer-term period, typically several months or more. This category of trade ideas might be useful for the longer-term swing trader or investor looking for investment ideas to supplement their existing portfolio and prefers a less active, more hands-off approach to investing. The Long-term Trade ideas can be found under the Trading & Investing Ideas tab on the top menu of RSOTC.com.

ANV: This trade hit the first target (T1) for a 40% gain and continued about 2/3rds of the way towards the second & final target, gaining as much as 80% from entry before reversing & exceeding both the entry price as well as any reasonable stop.

AUY: Stopped out as per the suggested criteria (SOAPSC) before reaching any price target.

XVX.TO ($CNDX tracking ETF): Exceeded any reasonable stop criteria (none listed). However, XVX.TO looks poised for a reversal and is currently on watch to be added back as a new long trade idea.

EGO: Hit the 4th price target (T4) for a 43% gain & moved slightly above that level before reversing & exceeded both any reasonable stop (none suggested) as well as the original entry price.

GLD, SLV, SIL, GDX & GDXJ: There have been so many posts mentioning objective areas to both add to & book profits on gold, silver and the related mining stock ETFs that the performance is nearly impossible to calculate. Although I continue to skew towards the intermediate & longer-term bullish case for the gold, silver & the miners, these trades will be removed in order to help streamline the watchlist. Frequent updates will continue on all going forward and any or all may be added back as Trade Setups or Active Trades in the near future.

HL: Hit & exceeded the second target (T2), moving about half-way towards the third & final target before reversing & exceeding any reasonable stop (none suggested).

HMY: Hit the third target (T3) for a 43% gain and continued just slightly above T3 before reversing & exceeding any reasonable stop (none suggested).

KGC: Hit T1 for a 13% gain before reversing & exceeding then entry price as well as any reasonable stop.

NEM: Hit & exceeded the second price target before reversing beyond the entry price & any reasonable stop.

WEAT: Stopped out as per suggested criteria (SOAPSC).

Jan 052015

There are a couple of significant technical developments on the CORN (Corn ETF) active Long Trade & Long-term Trade idea worth noting. From a longer-term perspective, the charts remain constructive and my expectation remains that prices will continue to work their way up to the second resistance zone (R2 zone) on the $CORN (spot corn prices) weekly chart over time. However, there are some potentially bearish shorter-term developments that could lead to a sizable correction before then.

$CORN weekly Jan 5th

$CORN weekly Jan 5th


On the daily chart of CORN (Corn ETF) below, CORN appears to be in the latter stages of a potential bearish rising wedge pattern, complete with negative divergences in place. As such, it would be prudent to consider booking partial or full profits and/or raising stops to either a solid break or close below the bottom of the wedge pattern. Should CORN trade below Friday's low of 26.24, I will consider the Active Long Trade on CORN stopped out. However, CORN is also categorized as a Long-term Trade and the stop for that trade will remain a weekly close below 25.00.

CORN daily Jan 5th

CORN daily Jan 5th


click here to view the live weekly chart of $CORN (spot corn prices)         click here to view the live chart of CORN (CORN etf)

Jan 052015
CDE daily Jan 5th

CDE daily Jan 5th

CDE (Coeur Mining, Inc) hit the first profit target (T1 at 5.25) for a 25% gain on Dec 23rd while I was away on vacation. So far, the inverse head & shoulders pattern is playing out nicely although I have yet to officially extend the final target to either T3 or T4 (T2 at 5.82 remains the current final target).

As previously stated, how silver trades going forward will most likely determine whether or not the price targets are extended on this trade. If silver prices begin to rise, especially above the 18.80ish level (spot prices), T4 (7.20) which is the measured price projection for the IHS pattern, will most likely become the final target on this trade. As always, consider booking partial or full profits and/or raising your stops as each target is hit, according to your trading plan.

click here to view the live, annotated chart of CDE

Jan 052015
AGNC daily Jan 5th

AGNC daily Jan 5th

AGNC (American Capital Agency Corp.) has been an Active Growth & Income (long-term) Trade idea since Dec 9, 2013. After quickly reaching T1 for a quick 8.5% total return (with dividends), the stock went on to come within 2% of reaching the second & final target (T2) and has traded sideways since. With the stock price currently up about 12.7% from entry PLUS over 14% in dividends paid out since entry, the cumulative return on this trade is north of 27%. Due to the unclear technical posture of the chart, this trade will now be considered completed in order to make room for new Growth & Income trade idea with better risk-reward profiles.

The Growth & Income Trade category was a new category of trade ideas added back in the fall of 2013. Growth & Income Trades are longer-term swing trade or investment candidates expected to generate an above average dividend yield as well as capital appreciation. Growth & Income Trades are a sub-category of the Long-Term Trades category. My intention is to expand the number of Growth & Income Trade ideas in 2015, including variable/adjustable rate instruments, which have the ability to increase dividend payments inline with rising interest rates.

As always, the previous notes & charts on this or any other trade idea can be quickly reference by clicking on the "Tagged with: (symbol)" found in the lower right-hand corner of each associated post. The "Select Ticker" drop-down box located on the sidebar of the home page will also bring up all posts associated with a particular ticker symbol.

Dec 192014

CDE (Coeur Mining Inc.) has broken above the neckline of the IHS pattern, triggering the alternative entry or an add-on to the initial position taken around 4.20 (bottom of the right shoulder). Targets have been added with T3 & T4 only potential, not official, long-term targets at this time, pending a breakout of gold above the downtrend line and how silver trades going forward.

The ultimate success or failure of this trade (although it is already up over 20% from entry) will ultimately depending on whether or not my primary bullish scenarios for gold & silver play out in the coming months. Therefore, the potential 3rd & 4th targets are for longer-term traders & investors with a bullish outlook on silver & gold that took CDE at the bottom of the left shoulder, possibly adding here on the breakout, while employing wider stops. The initial targets (T1 & T2) are for typical swing traders and have a decent shot of being hit even if gold and silver only move back up to the top of their recent trading ranges before reversing.

As always, the price targets are set slightly below the actual resistance levels in order to help assure a fill, should prices reverse just shy of resistance. T4 is aligned with both horizontal resistance as well as the approximate price measurement of the inverse head & shoulders pattern (IHS). Those who established a long position towards the bottom of the right shoulder might consider raising stops to the 4.60 level at this point. Previous & updated daily charts below.   click here to view the live, annotated chart of CDE