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Long-Term Trades- Completed

The “Long-term Trades- Completed” category lists trade ideas from the Long-term Trades category that have hit one or more of their price targets. Many trade ideas will list multiple targets as some traders might choose to hold some or all of the position for an additional target(s) after the initial target is hit. Therefore, many trade ideas on this site will often appear in both the “Active” and “Completed” categories simultaneously. Trades are removed from the Active Trades category either upon hitting the final target or if stopped out before then. Once removed from the Long-term Trades- Active category, these trades and all associated posts will be archived indefinitely in the Long-Term Trades- Completed category for future reference.

Apr 162015
PWE daily April 16th

PWE daily April 16th

PWE (Penn West Energy Ltd) has hit T3, which was the final swing target, for a 31.3% gain in just 5 trading sessions. Swing traders should consider booking full profits on PWE as crude oil is also at resistance, further adding to the case for a near-term pullback in PWE.

T4 at 3.87 remains the final target for the Long-term Trade but with that being said, longer-term trader might also consider booking partial or full profits with the intent to re-enter on a pullback or at least raising stops as once again, the odds for at least a pullback or multi-week consolidation on PWE are extremely high right now IMO.

I believe the PWE, along with the majority of energy related stocks are likely to pullback soon as several of the names that I'm trading & following are at or near targets/resistance levels while quite overbought in the near-term. Additional, crude oil (via USO) is now that the target that was discussed in the recent market overview & trade idea video (more on crude later). Active/aggressive traders might consider a short here on PWE (trading around 2.60 now) for a pullback trade with the appropriate stops & target based on your own trading style. I think a pullback to at least the 2.30 within the next week or two is likely.

click here to view the live, annotated daily chart of PWE

Apr 142015

-+*PWE (Penn West Petroleum Ltd) has hit the first price target, T1 at 2.17, for a quick 13% gain in just three trading sessions. Consider booking partial or full profits and/or raising stops, depending on your trading plan. note: The maximum suggested stop level (shown [continue reading…]

Apr 102015

-+*CCU (Companias Cervecerias) has hit the third price target, T3 at 22.39, for a 14.2% gain in just under 13 trading sessions on a near-vertical rip following the March 24th breakout/entry. Depending on your trading plan, consider booking partial or full profits and/or raising stops [continue reading…]

Apr 062015

-+*One additional price target has been added for the CCU Growth & Income Trade, T4 at 23.70. That level is based upon a solid long-term resistance level that comes in around 24.00. T3 (23.39) remains the final target for the typical swing trade (Active Long). [continue reading…]

Apr 022015

-+*CCU (Compania Cervecerias) has hit the second profit target, T2 at 21.47, for a quick 9.5% gain (under 8 trading sessions) with CCU reversing just one cent above the T2 level so far today (HOD so far was 21.48). Consider booking profits or raising stops [continue reading…]

Mar 302015

-+*CCU (Companias Cevercerias) has now hit the first target, T1 at 20.36, for a quick 3.9% gain in less than a week. Consider booking partial or full profits and/or raising your stops if holding out for T2 or T3. click here to view the live, [continue reading…]

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