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Mar 202013

I was asked the question: What are T1, etc… levels and how are they calculated?  Although I’ve discussed this in the past, as new users come into the site on a daily basis, I figure that I would share my reply for those interested on [continue reading…]

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Mar 202013

For those in the NIHD long trade, please note that I have added a new target before the former first target.  Upon further review of the charts I have revised T1 to the 5.15 level.  The previous targets remain as posted and have been resequenced [continue reading…]

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Mar 202013

I was just asked about the LEN short and in glancing the previous notes/charts, it doesn’t appear that I made any stop suggestions.  If you’ve already stopped out, which you should have if only targeting one of the lower targets, then great.  You can always [continue reading…]

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Mar 202013

Irrespective of the recent false breakdown and snap-back into the wedge pattern, LL remains one of the better looking longer-term swing short trades.  Following the breakdown below the primary uptrend line in LL, Lumber Futures (to which LL stock is highly correlated) made what appears [continue reading…]

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Mar 202013

THM did manage to print a 60 minute close above the 1.50 resistance level, therefore, providing an entry at the first tick of the next candlestick (1.54).  As this is such a low-priced (and again, higher risk) stock, every penny & a half accounts for [continue reading…]

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Mar 202013

THM is a low priced (translation: higher risk/higher return potential) mining stock that looks to be pushing against horizontal resistance here at 1.50.  To help minimize the risk of a false breakout, consider a long entry on a 60 minute close above that level.  Consider [continue reading…]

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