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Mar 142013

If at first you don’t succeed…  CBK was a recently stopped out short trade which was added at the open on Jan 15th, only to be stopped out after being caught on the wrong side of a news-induced gap the very next day for a [continue reading…]

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Mar 142013

Here’s the updated 60 minute chart on the NIHD long setup, which has continues to ride down along the top of the wedge.  This bullish falling wedge looks ready to pop but has yet to signal an entry (breakout above the pattern).  I continue to [continue reading…]

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Mar 142013

Trading HLF lately has been akin to hitting the “easy button” as it continues to reverse impulsively every time it manages to rally back up that that key downtrend line on the latest Icahn pump.  After the second official short trade recently hit T2 for [continue reading…]

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Mar 142013

Just a heads up for those in the OSTK short that the trade is rapidly approaching the first target.  This trade, like the recent AAPL short and so many other recently completed and still active short trades which are in what I like to call [continue reading…]

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Mar 142013

I continue to watch the AAPL long setup closely for a breakout above the bullish falling wedge. Here’s an updated 60 minute chart showing a small ascending channel that has set up within the wedge pattern. My current thoughts on AAPL are this: First off, [continue reading…]

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