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Mar 112013

HMY looks to be offering an objective entry around current levels and will be added as an Active Trade at the open tomorrow barring any unusually large gap in either direction (2% or more).  Harmony Gold, like many of the recently posted mining stocks trade [continue reading…]

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Mar 112013

Zooming in on the AAPL trade/setup even further, here’s a 60 minute chart which shows that key downtrend line that I’m watching for an additional/confirmed buy signal.  As you can see from this chart, that downtrend line currently intersects a nice resistance zone (as defined [continue reading…]

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Mar 112013

Although I didn’t specify it in the early post today, those interested in the AAPL long could certainly take an initial position on a break above the lower wedge trendline.  In fact, the stock is moving up sharply as I type so by the time [continue reading…]

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Mar 112013

IAG is breaking out above this 60 minute downtrend, thereby offering an objective long entry here with the appropriate stops in place (based on your preferred target).  This pattern has nice positive divergences in place below plus IAG has recently (so far) found reversed off [continue reading…]

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Mar 112013

OCN looks like an objective add-on or new short entry here as prices have turned down after a recent successful backtest of these dual intersecting trendlines preceded by the recent primary uptrend line breakdown.  Suggested stop over 43 area.

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Mar 112013

LEN looks like an objective new entry or add-on to an existing short position here as it backtests the recently broken bearish rising wedge pattern.  Updated daily & weekly charts:

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