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Mar 062013

There are several reasons that I chose not to run an open blog or trading forum on Right Side of the Chart, at least in the initial stages of building the site.  However, I do enjoy discussing the markets and trading ideas, both those posted [continue reading…]

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Mar 062013

Not much to update since the last post on the SPY & QQQ 60 minute charts/scenarios.  As mentioned yesterday, the former primary scenario was negated on the gap above resistance and the prior alternative scenario became the current primary scenario.  So far, prices have paused [continue reading…]

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Mar 062013

EGLE is one of the shipping stocks that I’ve been watching recently but regrettably did not take or post the setup earlier, as the stock is up over 11% today.  However, I figured that the pattern is worth sharing as EGLE just broke out above [continue reading…]

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Mar 062013

Besides the miners (mentioned in the previous post) one of the sectors that will soon likely play a potentially powerful game of catch-up (assuming that the broad market continues to move higher over the next few weeks+) is the shipping index.  As of now, the [continue reading…]

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